A Moderate Solution to End the Government Shutdown

As you all know, we are in week two of the Shutdown, and the Obamacare stalemate is threatening to turn into a debt ceiling stalemate. As I see it, the solution is simple.

On the Obamacare issue, the Republicans are dead wrong. The law passed; they were unable to overturn it; and they shouldn’t be holding the budget hostage in retaliation.

On the debt ceiling issue, the Democrats have spiraled completely out of control. Below is a video of a Democrat who agrees with me. He may look familiar to you; he’s a political rising star named Senator Barack Obama.

(Hat tip for the video: Powerline blog.)

So here’s the compromise: President Obama agrees to institute a real debt ceiling–and actually adheres to it by cutting down government spending–and in return, the Republicans abandon their doomed anti-Obamacare campaign. It would truly be an astounding day for the U.S. government: Both parties acting reasonably! Compromise! The government re-opening! Then, perhaps, Congress will truly have earned its salary. (No, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, you do not deserve your salary just because you are “supporting” the government re-opening. That’s like me saying I deserve my salary because I “support” other people doing their jobs, while I marathon Breaking Bad on my couch.)

Considering that this compromise would require members of Congress to care about the country and work on its behalf, instead of their own, I probably shouldn’t hold my breath.

To end on a more positive note, please enjoy this Onion headline.


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